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Year Of The Dragon 2024

Chef Eva Chin x Chef Wallace Wong x HS

Bringing the community together through great food and drinks

Crab | Hong Shing Toronto
Crispy beef and General Tao Chicken placed nicely on a decorative table | Hong Shing Toronto

HS Baijiu Focused Bar

For our first edition of the cocktail menu, we share with you the least understood spirits in the world, Baijiu. Originated in China, Baijiu is quickly gaining global recognition for its complex flavour notes while being high in alcohol, ranging from 40-52% abv.

Traditionally, Baijiu is enjoyed neatly. However, on our current menu, we aim to showcase the versatility of Baijiu in complementing various taste profiles, as we were pleasantly surprised by how harmoniously it blends with citrus, fruits, and Asian-inspired ingredients. We are excited for you to try our cocktails, rooted in nostalgic memories we have cherished throughout our journey


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